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International Campaign Planning


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Adaptamos la web a las giros propios de cada país

Analysis of the company’s website to sell in the selected country and sector

Evaluation of the web to adjust it to the uses of the international market to which it is addressed, is a fundamental condition to successfully access the online market.

Facilitate to the companies the adjustment to the international market of their means of online communication: website, landing page, online catalog …

The service includes:

  • An evaluation of the general aspects of the website: design, content, language, accessibility, usability navigation, etc. and its adjustment to the uses of the international market and sector in question.
  • Positioning analysis in the main search engines.
  • Comparative study of different websites of local companies of similar type.

Sales strategy in international online markets

  • Advice on the most suitable online sales platforms for the product or service that the company wants to sell in a specific market.
  • Analysis and detection of the most important:
  • Access requirements, costs, services, etc .;
  • Analysis of competitors present in them;
  • Recommendations on strategy
  • Marketing actions to be carried out in the face of positioning and conversion into sales.

Location of suppliers

Support service for locating suppliers or solutions needed to implement an online sales strategy (ICT solutions, customer service, operational management, translation, logistics, legal or tax advice, etc.)

It is a support service for the company to identify, in a specific market, the resources or suppliers that the company needs in order to launch its online sales strategy.

Through it the company will have a qualified list of contacts.

The contacts will be contrasted, updated and adjusted to the needs of the applicant company.

Translation of the website

Review and adjustment of the translation to the nomenclature of products and uses of the market.

Having a well translated web page and adjusted to the uses of the clients to whom it is directed is essential to access the market.
A revision of the translation to adapt it to the local market. If the web has been previously translated into the local language, the work would be to identify and correct the deficiencies adjusting the content to the terms and linguistic uses of the market
Or partial or complete translation of the website: you can request the translation of the most important content, such as navigation menus, functionalities, etc., or the entire website.

Testing of international markets in electronic commerce and the digital economy

Customized market research, adjusted to the specific needs of the company, in view of its online sales strategy

Realization of a research tailored to the needs of the client to identify the specific reality of those needs in the market or selected markets.

The client will obtain a personalized report that will allow him to assess the real possibilities and the conditions of his positioning and online sale of his products or services in the selected target markets:

  • Supply and demand reports in the online channel.
  • Online consumption trends.
  • Analysis of the competition in the online channel
  • Costs of participation in platforms and online marketing.
  • Characteristics of the online channel for the product or service object of study.
  • Comparison of sale prices in different platforms.
  • Commercial and financial reports on marketplaces and other platforms or on possible business partners.

The digital environment and e-commerce platforms

The digital environment and e-commerce platforms offer an alternative way to internationalization.

Online internationalization allows you to cover other geographical markets with your product or service, generating your company a greater benefit both at the brand and sales levels. The Online strategy will allow us to detect market demands, anywhere in the world without making large investments.

Having a presence in the digital environment is key to the international success of your company, but it is not enough to have a web page, translated into different languages, but a digital strategy oriented to the internationalization of your company is necessary.