Corporate Social Responsability

In BusinessGoOn we are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and with the need to align the interests of customers, suppliers, workers and society, we are aware of the importance of environmental, social and good governance factors to incorporate in the provision of our services and in making investment decisions. We incorporate the criteria of social responsibility, environmental and good governance to our procedure:

-In all the value creation process, from the international strategy consultancy, the selection of human resources for internationalization, the implantation of the companies in other markets, the application of the international online strategy, the help in the bidding process international and the corporate & finance processes.

-In the day to day of our organization, in the relationship with employees, investors, partners, customers, suppliers and, ultimately, with society.

Benefits of businesses internationalization

An international consultancy specialized in the internationalization of companies goes beyond the mere marketing of products and services in a global scenario: it is a strategic option, which requires a deep reflection on the current model of the company and fundamentally on its future model and of the role you want to play in the world market. An international consultancy is necessary to advance on insurance and with guarantees.

We understand that for the international strategy to be a success it is not enough to have an export department, it is necessary that there is an organization, an international culture promoted by the management team and transmitted transversally to the company. Our contribution of international consulting will make you achieve your goals.